A Big Hello.

I wish we could be having this conversation face to face, I wish I could look you in the eyes and tell you how exhilarating and challenging this season has been. There is nothing like sitting at a desk for over seven hours hoping that an immigration site will come back online, finding out your horse has been sold at the auction, finding your car on empty, tear stained cheeks, a variety of emotions, yet the growing of intimacy through the nurturing of Jesus Christ. 

Wednesday my visa expired and I came home from the office pretty frustrated to say the least, I hadn’t heard back if my application was received or if I would be put on a bridging visa. You could imagine my mind was racing with all sorts of ideas; do I have to leave the country, can I leave the country, do I have money to leave the country, what happens if I stay, am I illegally here, what if I have to leave and can’t come back?

Oh boy.

That same night we had Rahab outreaches, frustrated with myself and this whole visa situation I decided to go nonetheless, having to keep in mind why I am actually here.

Rahab popped off that night, having some of the most in depth, and vulnerable conversations with the girls I may have ever had. One particular girl had shared how her family doesn’t know what she does, but she feels working in the industry is essential for her to be able to go to school and study.

They always say eyes are the window to the soul, and you just couldn’t miss the pain she was suppressing through looking at her.

I had the opportunity to encourage her, remind her that she has purpose and prayed before she went off to work.

Thursday passed and quickly was Friday, until mid afternoon when I received an email saying I was granted a bridging visa! This email came while our centre was engaging in a time of extended prayer and worship. Literally couldn’t have been a better time.

It was like a big hello from heaven. 

I am supposed to be here, this season is intentional.

 I may have been preaching to the choir that night in the brothel because how could I have forgotten that I too was created with purpose. If I believe I am meant to be here, that this campaign is not a silly exercise, than why wouldn’t the God who created me as intimate friend not come through on his promises?Straight to the heart – grateful for a season that forces me to confront truth, and demands that I wrestle things over with God.

God makes a way, he always does.

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