International Women’s Day

“Julia, you never asked me how I felt about Eve”

These were some of the most sobering words I’d ever heard God speak to me.

Last year around this time I really wrestled with what I believed about women in leadership, this was largely triggered by an incident where I felt completely vulnerable and incapable to protect the people I was leading.

Wrestling through gender roles, theology that belittled women, and the continued rise in the feminist movement I was so so confused about what I believed a woman could and should be.

Should women lead? teach? What is their role in marriage? Family? Society? Can women be fierce yet feminine and gentle?

As a twenty something year old, carrying large amounts of responsibility and pioneering an international ministry my thoughts were so clouded.

I took a retreat with one of my friends, and every morning I withdrew to the hillside to hear God speak to me and align my thoughts.

In wrestling and sorting through this confusion it was like he took my face between his hands, looked gently into my eyes and said to me ..

“Julia, you never asked me how I felt about Eve, you never asked me how I made her, what my intentions were for her, you never asked me what she was destined to do”

It was so simple but I could feel my worldview shatter, as he so boldly proclaimed truth over my life and the way that he made women – destined to rule and reign.

Jesus never puts women in the corner.

Happy International Womens Day 💃🏽



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