What If You Did?

I really hate comparison but to be honest… I do it all the time.  I get so disappointed when I compare my life to those I follow on Instagram – they have more likes, more followers, are doing super rad things, wearing all the clothes I wish I could afford, living the dream life that looks like my Pinterest boards… you get the point, right?

I’ve been in this massive personal growth season lately, rebuilding myself in many ways from a major burnout. In growing though – I often look at how far I still need to go, without acknowledging how far I’ve come.

Burnout, in some ways felt like this massive set back but the reality was it gave me space to clarify my priorities and values. Instead of rushing along with life, all of a sudden I found myself in a season of reflection and evaluation. This was good for me.

Through this time evaluating my experiences, I realized I had gained maturity far beyond my years and in ways that I would never have imagined. When I sit back and think of 12 year old Julia with big audacious dreams, she would have never ever believed what the future Julia was capable of.

So GF –  what if we stopped comparing ourselves, stayed in our own damn lane, cheered the women alongside us, ahead of us, and behind us, and CELEBRATED how far we’ve come?

Instead of allowing fear and anxiety to creep in with all these B.S.  “what if’s” and why this won’t work, shouldn’t work, better not try excuses (Thank you Rachel Hollis) .. WHAT IF YOU DID? What if you really did the things you are scared of, what if you really did pursue your dreams, what if you really moved outside of what is comfortable and took a few risks?

At nineteen years old,  I played a large role in the pioneering of an international non-profit. I set up not one, but THREE companies, two in Australia and one in the Cook Islands (it’s a real place I swear, Google it). There were so many times I asked myself “am I old enough to do this?” “shouldn’t I have a degree?” “is this legal” but guess what?  I shoved the crap excuses and lies aside and just bossed up and went after it.

So, when I am sitting here having a pity party to myself because I am not where I want to be and too nervous and insecure to chase after my dreams and do hard things, I remember how far I’ve come, put my big girl pants on and boss the hell up.

In the words of my uncle – Get out, Get after it!





Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash

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